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Find the perfect flavored malt beverage with Geloso's wide variety of products that are ready-to-drink. With over 20 different flavor profiles, there's a drink that everyone can enjoy! Ideal for any occasion. Take your pick!

  • clubtails logo

    Is the answer to the question; "What else besides beer?" Clubtails cans are redesigned, the recipe is improved too, more flavor and less carbonation! Easily chilled and ready to enjoy right out of the can or bottle!

  • johny bootlegger logo

    Johny Bootlegger is available where beer is sold, and it's a great choice when a very tasty, spirited beverage is desired! At 12% alcohol by volume, there are six great flavors to choose from.

  • pepito logo

    A drink of bubbling freshness, Pepito are alcoholic Spanish-like beverages. Their authentic and yummy taste is totally great for any occasion and goes marvelously well with lots of Tapas. Content 6% alcohol by volume.

Our brands are frequently adding new products. Check them out!

Geloso is excited to feature our prominent brands that include the hottest and newest flavors. We'll showcase our latest products right here – check them out!

Clubtails Cocktail Party Box

We are happy to offer our hottest flavors, Sunny Margarita, Sex on the Beach, Long Island Iced Tea & Bahama Mama cocktails in our 12oz Sleek Mix Pack!

JB Ice Lemonade 375 ml Dry

The taste is a jailbreak ... it's busting out! It's like biting into a tart lemon... but sweeter.


About Us

Geloso Beverage in Rochester, New York.

Geloso Beverage Group LLC launched in 2002, selling exclusively to the U.S. markets. Based in Rochester, NY, Geloso distributes multiple flavored malt beverages, including Clubtails, Johny Bootlegger, Clubtails Crushers, and Pepito.

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